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Teresa's Auto Transport & Trucking

Teresa's Auto Transport & Trucking specializes in shipping cars, trucks, heavy equipment and machinery across the state or across the country. With Teresa's you do not have to worry about details: we will organize auto/truck shipping, handle all the payment transactions, insurance coverage and paperwork.

We can offer lower prices because we handle all the details - it's that simple!
Finding a good auto shipper/transport company begins by getting a good quote. Call us. We will walk you through all the details and give you our best price.

Equipment and Machinery Transport and Hauling is our specialty. Almost all heavy equipment shipping is open transport. Protective covering depends on the equipment - just let us know your requirements and we will do whatever you need.

  • Heavy Equipment Shipping
  • Large Machinery Transport
  • Truck Hauling of All Kinds
  • We transport cars, trucks, SUV's and large equipment. We are good at what we do because we transport hundreds of vehicles each month. We can also ship over-sized vehicles: vans, large work trucks, box trucks - call if you have an unusually large vehicle or piece of equipment.

    We know you need your car, truck or equipment to arrive on time with no damages. We are here to do the job. Give us a call or request a quote now!

    Heavy Equipment Hauling - Ridgecrest CA
    Heavy Truck Towing Services
    Heavy Farm Equipment Moving

    In the News

    Teresas Auto Transport Specializes in Shipping Heavy Equipment, Farm Machinery, Large Cargo Moving and Transfer Trucks Throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and Texas

    RIDGECREST-BAKERSFIELD CA - Arizona/Colorado/Texas -- Teresa's Auto Transport and Trucking has one of the only large towing trucks to provide services for 18 Wheeler trucks in southern California. Teresa Becker's family-run business hauls heavy equipment, machinery, materials and large trucks throughout southern California and to destinations around the USA.

    "We can offer towing services and large truck shipments with our fleet of heavy towing trucks," said Teresa Becker, Owner of Teresa's Auto Transport. "We transport any type of vehicle OR heavy equipment and are committed to the best in customer service."

    Learn more about the services of Teresa's Auto Transport and Auto Towing:
    Heavy Transport - Bakersfield  -  Vehicle Towing and Emergency Recovery

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    Teresa's Auto Transport & Trucking

  • Hundreds of Cargo Shipments
  • Large Equipment Transports
  • Moving Large Farm Machinery
  • Over 25 Years of Business Experience

    Teresa's Auto Transport & Trucking
    Transport and Hauling Services
    Ridgecrest, CA 93555
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    We can ship anywhere in California:
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